“We have been working with Translatørbureauet Eunike Hansen since 1999, and her translations of our business and commercial texts from Danish into English have always been performed to our full satisfaction. Eunike also translated the book the company published in connection with its fifty-year anniversary into English.

Eunike is highly professional and quality-conscious in her approach to translation. She has a flair for linguistic detail and also keeps agreed deadlines. Her ability to translate even complex texts into plain and understandable language is reassuring and makes us feel safe sending her texts for translation.”

Lene Slaikjær, Secretary to Management, BoConcept

“Eunike Hansen’s translation agency has assisted CGI Danmark A/S with translations of contracts and related documents on several occasions. Even in situations where time is of the essence, Eunike has always been able to meet the deadlines agreed on without compromising on quality. The work delivered has always been of a very high professional standard, and I would never even consider taking my important translation jobs elsewhere.”

Michael Lemvig, Legal Director, CGI Danmark A/S

“Eunike Hansen has performed translations from Danish into English of extracts from the Danish Business Authority for Foss A/S. We have been very satisfied with the quality of the work, which was often a rush job, but delivery has been fast and on time.”

Gitte F. Andersen, PA, FOSS A/S

“I have had the pleasure of working with Eunike Hansen in connection with the translation of our annual reports, press releases and similar documents in my previous job as secretary to the management of a Danish-owned, listed company. Eunike was the company’s permanent external translator for 10-12 years.

Eunike is totally committed and thorough. She always delivers on time and has never delivered an assignment that was not one hundred per cent correct. I would like to emphasise that the company was subject to the IFRS accounting standards, which involved various specialist terminology with which Eunike was complete familiar.

In the two weeks when the translation work of the annual report was most hectic, we could always count on Eunike being on hand – even in the evening and at weekends.

Eunike also assisted us as an interpreter at the company’s general meetings – a job which the audience complimented her on.

However, Eunike does not only have a command of business language. She also translated the book published by the company in connection with its one hundredth anniversary with the same dedication, skill and accuracy.

In addition, I would like to mention that Eunike has a great sense of humour and admirable patience. Of course, she is also highly professional and skilled.

I am happy to give Eunike my best recommendations.”

Jeanette Haunstrup, National coordinator / PA, Optimera, (subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark A/S)

“I worked closely with Eunike on a complicated court case. She not only provides an excellent translation service but you also get that little bit more than just the pure translation which is the important stuff. Namely context and emphasis. I was very impressed with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again or recommend to others. She is also good fun too!”

Mark Walker, Solicitor, London, England

“I have been working with Eunike Hansen for fifteen years, and I have only ever experienced the highest quality, flexibility and professionalism.”

Advokat Morten Bruus, Partner, MAQS Law Firm

“It was a great pleasure to use your interpreting services – I really appreciate your commitment and the pride you take in doing a good job.”

Niclas Holst Sonne, Juniorpartner, leder af skatteafdelingen, HORTEN

“Eunike Hansen has assisted us by translating technical reports into Danish to be used in a court case – and she performed this task to our great satisfaction. The work was performed with careful attention to detail and on time – and Eunike demonstrated great insight in her field of expertise. The best recommendations from us.”

Advokat Anja Hejde (H), Ark Advokatpartnerselskab